George and Meredith

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Our Story

George and Meredith met in San Francisco CA, where sparks flew on New Years Eve, 2013. Meredith originally had plans to go out with a different group of friends, however a quick "pre-game" with George changed everything. They ended up going to a house party together where Meredith proceeded to steal the AUX cord from the resident DJ - and as they say, the rest is history.

At the time George was living with his grandma and Meredith was living with George's sister. Not ideal.

He was able to convince both Meredith, and his sister, that he deserved a shot - they went on their first official date to Baker Beach. They ended up staying in San Francisco for 2 years together before moving to Chicago in February 2015.

They are so happy that they moved to the Windy City, it's been nothing but amazing. They've met incredible people, explored new states & places, and now have a true appreciation for winter gear.

And this May, they will be moving back to California!!

Well... Sorry family... Not now, but soon!

They will, however, be back this May to get married in sunny San Diego and they are so excited to have you join them in celebrating their relationship & life. We look forward to having a wonderful weekend with you all!

If your schedule permits, you are highly encouraged to arrive on Thursday, May 2nd. George and Meredith have a couple ideas in the works on how they'll spend that Friday, and can promise you that it will be worth it :)
JoAnn Jinks